Move Me Telford

Internal Moves

Our internal moves are a great way to organise your home and office. Its like having a personal team of movers at your finger tips, working alongside you.

How it works!


Internal House Moves


  • Are you decorating or having new carpets? – We will move your items into another room so the room is clear and you can decorate, we will then return at a date of your choosing when the work has been complete to put all of your furniture and belongings back into place for you.


  • Do you need to de-clutter – If you need to have a sort out and throw those items you haven’t used for months on end, or you don’t need anymore, let us come and help you have a sort out. We will work alongside you, and anything you want to keep we will put into a box with the rest of the items, seal it up, mark ups what’s in it and place it wherever you want us to.


  • If your having building work the last thing you want is builders trying to work around your furniture, items can get damaged, and the work will take longer than expected to complete. let us place all your furniture into another room for you stacked up safely, you’ll be surprise how much we can get in a room, you will also save a fortune on storage costs.


If you have any questions regarding these services, or you feel we could assist you in any way, please don’t struggle on your own that’s why were here just give us a call.


Internal Office Moves

Do you want your personal moving team for the day? or you just need a team for a few hours, whatever your requirement are we can help!

If you need help to organise your office we can work with you so you can get the results you want, set up the way you want it. Our internal moing service consists of not restricted to:


Desks, Tables, Shelves, Filing cabinets etc



Files, Filling cabinets, Draws, I T Equipment, Chairs, Electrical Equipment etc


Packing Service – for archive or storage

If your not sure if we can help give us a call you’ll be surprised what we can do , if its physically possible we can help.