Move Me Telford


Q Do you use anything to protect my furniture?

A Yes all of our vehicle are equipped with clean blankets so all of your furniture will be protected, and items which need extra care also be covered in bubble wrap as well

Q Do you have experience in house and office removals?

A Yes I personally have 15+ years experience in the removals industry working in the UK and Europe, our staff also have a minimum of 2 years experience and are fully trained.

Q Do you disassemble and re-assemble furniture if required?

A Yes of course, sometimes we have no choice, but don’t worry each item is marked up accordingly with a number and all screws and fixing are put into a strong bag for safe keeping.

Q What’s the difference between Move Me Telford and other larger companies based in telford?

A The benefit of using a smaller company like ourselves is that you get all of our attention and focus. That way our high standards stay high and we can give you the best service you deserve.